Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Let Me" by 123

Let me have my moment to mourn for the past
Before I step into the future
Let me cry and weep for the things I have left behind
Before I make this decision
Let me picture you in my thoughts and dreams
Before I allow another in
Let me consider the consequences
Before you put on the pressure
Let me breathe
Before I speak
Let me sit
Before I stand up against what I fear
Let me know you are standing behind me
Before I stare ahead
Let me know you believe in me
Before I take this step

Friday, June 1, 2012

"Star Light, Star Bright" by Anonymous

do i 
search the sky
for the first firefly
or star that i spy?
no matter how hard i try
somehow love keeps on passing me by.
i still don't know why everything went awry...
my feelings for you seemed too strong to deny. 
maybe my next wish should be for the right guy,
but right now i'm just hoping to keep my eyes dry.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Battle of the Fates - By 123

I guess I just didn’t really realize it before.
I mean, I knew in some deep recess of my brain that is was possible, but the fact that it is coming up through the surface is scary.
I don’t think I’m ready.
I know I’m not ready.
What do you do when you aren’t ready for something but you want it so bad?
Why do I think this?
I know you infiltrate my life and my dreams.
Everything I do is part of a plan to be with you.
If I hear even one negative thing about you, I seethe.
Don’t is an inside seething, not outside. I can control it.
I imagine you sleeping next to me, I imagine our future family. I see our dogs playing together. Does he like her? Will she attack him?
I smell you sometimes...randomly...I don’t know if it is a perfume or a lotion, but it is intoxicating.  My day stops and my life depends on that scent.
My soul screams out for you at inopportune times.
I will be doing something mundane, like making coffee, for instance. I can literally hear my soul screaming for you.
I pause...
I let it set in...
Then I tell my conscious self that you aren’t here.
My unconscious doesn’t know that and it doesn’t just aches for you. It is a body shattering scream. At times I have fallen to my knees.  My soul knows where it needs to body is hesitant. It is a battle of fates.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Normal" - by 123

Someone is being born tonight
Someone is getting married and someone is dying
I am sitting on my ass on the couch.
I don’t have the courage to go out and don’t have the fortune of having a significant other
I have no confidence besides the liquid kind
Lump on the couch...all I am and all I am worth
I feel like that now
Tomorrow I may be energized to be more. I forever live in this conundrum.
I breathe deep, hoping for a better day tomorrow

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Glass Slippers Don't Come in Size 11" - Anonymous

once upon a time...
the phrase ingrained into the childhood
of every little girl
who dreams of the day
that her prince will come
and sweep her off her feet.
but why does everyone always talk about finding the love of your life,
as if merely meeting the man will be the crowning achievement?
why doesn't anyone ever warn the wide-eyed little girl
that when you find your prince, he might not love you back?
or that it might not be a prince at all?
no longer hoping for happily ever after...
now i settle for a smile every once in a while.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Every Time" by 123

Every time I see you, I fall deeper into the abyss of love
It starts slowly, but I always feel it happening.
The weakness, the shortness of happens in an instant.
It's only you that I see
I stand tall and try to hide it, but I know you know.
I see the smirk...I study your thick lips
They are like pillows for my own.
I see the concentration in your eyes
They are like pools of eternal life.
I see your hips move towards mine
They are moved by something we cannot control.

"Look" - By 123

I see your photo and I salivate.
I hear your voice and I can't concentrate.
I taste your skin and I accumulate
Memories that make my heart allocate
You to a special place.
Then I concentrate...
Focus and cultivate
Ideas that will make you mine.